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If you’re reading my blog, you probably love to read as much as I do. Maybe you belong to a book club or teach literature or something, but I don’t. I never wanted to be in a book club, where you don’t always get to decide what you’re reading, you have to finish by a particular day, and you don’t always choose what book you read.

I find that I choose what to read based on two key principles:

I also find that karma or the universe or God often sends me affirmation of my choices or influences my choices by pushing some tidbit of info into my sphere. For instance, on the day I finished a book that included a character who buys and sells Audubon prints, I ran across a video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology about how Audubon’s fabulous Birds of America book sold recently for $7.9 million, which included video of an artist getting a look at Cornell’s copy. I’m currently reading a book that discusses, among other things, how we need a new kind of economy for our cloud-crazy life, and what’s in the news now? Just Facebook’s IPO and how so-called gurus are estimating what they will mean financially now and for social networks in the future.

I’ve been keeping a log of the books I’ve read ever since high school (although I neglected to list some during the 1990s), and I often write in my journal about memorable books. But I thought I’d try sharing my thoughts about the books I read with you all, whoever you may be, in the hopes that we might all get more out of them.

Please comment and share your thoughts with me!

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